Why Football?

Nowadays, football is one of the most important things in my life. Although I have not played it for a long time, I am always in love with this game. I almost know every thing related to football.

The weird part is, football that I know is something that comes from the virtual world like the internet, television, or even video games.

For me the knowledge of football is not less interesting with the game itself. I think the satisfaction of watching a beautiful goal can be compared to the pleasure of reading a brilliant football article. Both are the same, need high skills to do it.

A football match normally lasts 90 minutes. We never know, what would we get in those 90 minutes. For approximately the same duration, we can watch a good movie that could have made a nice impression and mood for days. However, in football, we do not always get what we want. Sometimes, for 90 minutes we will only get two teams that do not intend to play football. You know what I mean.

But as boring as a game, there are always interesting things afterwards. Whether it’s a writing that contains insults, memes, or ¬†interesting posts in social media. There’s always something fun out of every football game. That is the reason why football is the right way to escape from life problems. I’m a part of those lukcy people that believe this while some people believe more in alcohol and drugs.

It all started in 2002. I was 8 years old. I am a child who likes to read even since the age of 4 years. Unfortunately at that time there was not much I could read. The only book I read is the Bible that I read so often, I can almost explain everything from the creation of the world to the end.

Fortunately, my dad bought a newspaper sometimes. At that time, there were not any part of the newspaper that I didn’t read. I was always starting from the second page from the back, the sports page.

Of course many people will remember 2002 as the most enjoyable football year. The World Cup held for the first time in asia. All the football fans in Indonesia were very happy because they can finally see the action of the world’s best players without having to stay up because of the time difference with South Korea and Japan, 2002 World Cup host is just one hour. I remember every day there are 2 games played at 15:00 and 19:00 pm, and I was watching almost every game!

Of the many teams, at that time I fell in love with the German national team. It only takes one game to convince me, Germany 8-0 Saudi Arabia. I was so amazed then. Miroslav Klose who scored a hat trick in the match became my favorite player. The match was so imprinted on my mind that I always believed that Germany is the best team in the world that will always slaughter its opponents. I’m also sure that Klose will always score a hat trick every time he plays. Funnily enough, I also believe that Saudi Arabia is the worst team in the world that will always be slaughtered by its opponents.

Later I realized that there is a team that is much worse, it is the day when I read the news, Saudi Arabia 5-0 Indonesia.

The next day my love for Germany grew when my father bought a newspaper that its first page was a large photo featuring diving header (Miroslav Klose) who broke into Saudi Arabia’s goal.

A few days later, that photo was taped to my bedroom.

[Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIFHK55P6YU&w=420&h=315%5D

Furthermore, I became increasingly fond of football. At school I play a plastic ball. I was in grade 2 and I was a cowardly smart kid. When I first played the ball, I was a goalkeeper. We all know that the goalkeeping position is a position for a child who is still on “training”. At first I refused but after seeing my team’s candidate dominate and his goalkeeper hardly ever touched the ball, I agreed.

Either this is just my feeling, but the opposing team becomes more often attacking our team since I entered the pitch. Our goal was bombarded but I still never touched the ball. Every enemy attack is always blocked by my big, true libero friend. Immediately after taking the ball he dribbled quickly. No one is brave enough to stop him. The reason is very reasonable.

All the children know know if exposed to a plastic ball that speeded so much faster on the face it feels like be slapped, sore and painful. And no matter how painful you are, you can’t cry even though there’s really a good reason for that. Once you cry, you will be considered whiny and maybe you will be shunned.

But of course there are always other big boys who dare to block the movement of my libero friend. When that happens, all the children will become bolder. The clash becomes unavoidable and often becomes the end of a game due to the breaking of the ball.

After “graduating” the training period, I played more as a wing back. A player playing on the sidelines and in charge of sending accurate passes to the striker. That’s the definition of the position I was playing.

In this position I am happy because I can help my friends to score goals. In fact, I’ve made large amount of assists. I can say that the amount of asists I made during the 5 years of playing football in elementary school are still more than Mesut Oezil.


School is the last place that I feel the joy of playing the ball. Since then I started to rarely playing football and not even at all.

In vocational school I spend more time reading football tabloids. The good news is, my school library subscribes to the ball tabloids that appear twice a week. So almost every day I go to the library.

It could even be several times a day. During empty hours and after school. I often go there alone until my friends think I’m clever because of this.

There are indeed correlations between knowledge of the ball and academic cleverness. For example, a ball fanatic is accustomed to digesting various statistics. In understanding the standings of a football league required a decent mathematical ability.

Especially to calculate the championship chances of a team, we have to count the number of points collected, goal difference, the rest of the game played and head to head. I’m quite convinced of my extraordinary abilities in the field of mathematics I have because I often look closely at the standings and opportunities of the team.

Meanwhile, I also often meet the ball fans who are proficient in English. This is very reasonable considering the terms in football mostly use English and especially the football fans often watch the European leagues that all use english commentary.

Football fans also can’t be bad in geography knowledge. I know the countries and cities in the world through football clubs. Even in various cases, these ball fanatics even know the history of a country because of football.

Many of FC Barcelona’s supporters are familiar with the history of the hostility between Catalan and the Spanish empire. Even lately a lot of Indonesian people fuss about the planned release of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

People became interested because the decision was related to the English Premier League, one of the most popular leagues in the world. From the era of newspapers, tabloids, until the era of the internet as now the football has never become archaic and even more and more interesting.

This because football has its own world. Football has its own god, government, organization and people. To me this  football world is a very pleasant world. A world where people can be smart or crazy. A world I do not think I will ever leave.

I love everything about football, its goals, its controversies, the reactions of the fans.



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Totti, A Piece of My Beautiful Childhood Memories


pic : firmanstea.wordpress.com

AS Roma ain’t the biggest club in the world.¬†They even never won any European or international competition.

In Italy, Roma were only collecting three Serie A titles and nine Copa Italia.

Those are certainly nothing compared to Juventus (35 Serie A, 12 Coppa ), Inter (18, 7), or Milan (18, 5).

But Roma should be proud because they have someone that any other clubs never had.


Totti which debuted on March 28, 1993 is an idol for every football fans who was born in the 80-90’s. Even for me, a 1994 born. Totti is the player I always admire though I am not an AS Roma fans.

The irst time I watched Totti was at the 2002 World Cup.

The event, which was held at the Korea-Japan was probably one of the worst moments of his career. He became the guilty party of the Italian national team failure in that event. He got red card  when azzuri lost 1-2 to Korea and were eliminated in the round of 16.

But Totti then pay off his fault four years later at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. He brought Italy earned their fourth World Cup in history.

At that time he was already 30  and I thought maybe, soon, I will no longer be able to watch his actions on the field.

I was wrong.

Totti remained 11 years until yesterday, May 28, 2017, the prince of Rome decided to undergo final action when Roma host Genoa in 16/17 Serie A last game.

Totti started the game from the bench. He was greeted by thousands of spectators who packed the Olimpico stadium when he entered the pitch in the 55th minute.

Despite had lost his physical strength and speed, Totti still entertained fans with his skills and intelligence. He gave couples of beautiful passes to his teammates but unfortunately none of them were count as assist.

The match ended 3-2, victory for Roma. That result ensure Roma finish  second in Serie A and also ensure a place in Champions League next season.

Roma ended the season in an impressive way but their fans were crying in tears.

Totti’s departure is indeed a great loss, not only for Roma, but also for FOOTBALL.

It may be difficult to see a footballer who are loyal to one team in the future.

Throughout his career Totti is not never been tempted by other teams that are larger than Roma. If he wanted to, he could move to Real Madrid or Juventus and win every title.

But he didn’t.

Because I grew up playing for Roma and I want to die playing for Roma, Because I have always been a Roma’s fan!

Winning one league title at Rome to me is worth winning 10 at Juventus or Real Madrid.

Francesco Totti

So, it’s natural if yesterday the fans and the players of Roma could not stop crying.

Totti is Roma. Roma is Totti.

Their prince won’t be wearing ¬†Roma kit again next season.

For me, Totti is a piece of my beautiful childhood memories.

The memories when I used to watch Serie A and try to practice the magic skills of Totti and the other players using plastic ball in my school yard.

Grazie , Totti!


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